For all signs For the week of 7-27
 I use Numerology with Astrology

Born on the 1st 10th 19th 28th of any Sign & Leo
: You may decide to make contact with former friends or get back in touch with relatives. This is a week to “make amends.” J aids.


Born on the 2nd 11th 20th 29th of any sign & Cancer: Some things are best left in the past. It is time to move on. Conceive it, believe it and then you can achieve it! B or T aid.


Born on the 3rd 12th 21st 30th of any sign & Sagittarius: Read the above and add this: new colours can lift the spirit, and eating less goodies can help lose the weight. C aids and a K.


Born on the 4th 13th 22nd 31st of any sign & Capricorn: Take a new oath that you will save 15% of your in-come. You can become wealthier by investing in land deals. D can help.


Born on the 5th 14th 23rd of any sign & Gemini/Virgo: You will be surprised at how really good your health and wealth is becoming. J or an H can become your best helps


Born on the 6th 15th 24th of any sign & Taurus/Libra: Leo and people born on the 1-10-19 or 28th of any sign may step up and become your best helps or loves. R help, ask.


Born on the 7th 16th 25th of any sign & Aquarius: Most people say “Yes” when you ask for their help but some say a defiant “No!” This then is a “do it yourself week.” W aids.


Born on the 8th 17th 26th of any sign & Aries/Scorpio: It is time to plan ahead, like trips and telling it like it is. F and a Sagittarius involved. And, finish what you start! It’ll pay off!


Born on the 9th 18th 27th of any sign & Pisces: Read the above and add this: people tend to trust and believe in you more than ever. Image money to make it come to you. J aids.

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A Wiser You

You probably do not realize this, but everytime you do something or say something nice to or about a person, you are also reaping many, many benefits of what you said or did. A kind of resume’ is made every time for your very Soul. Teach this to your children and share this with your friends and co-workers. All that is good stays good, no matter what. What you say and what you do is the same as “planting seeds” that will grow or die. If it is good they flourish, if it is not for good they can soon die out. Start teaching this to your children while they are still young, Older people…accept this now. It is never too late too change!

“Old too soon, smart too late?” No!

~ Jacki Mari

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